We offer a variety of treatment methods, including couples therapy, workshops, and groups. Therapy can help you and your partner learn to communicate effectively, enjoy intimacy, rekindle passion, and discover happiness in and through your relationship. Helping people to resolve marital problems and enhance their relationships has been central to FTIA's mission since 1978.

Our specialized ADD treatment program helps children, adolescents, and adults with ADD (with and without hyperactivity) learn to use their unique traits as strengths. Testing, medication, individual and/or group counseling, and coaching are all available.

Many individuals with ADD are versatile, spontaneous, good in crisis situations, and are highly creative. Our program will help you manage disruptive behaviors, and focus and maximize your natural talents. We work with the individual and with spouses and families to help them understand, support, and help their loved ones with ADD and ADHD succeed in school, relationships, life, and in appropriate careers.


  • "Attention Difference Couples" Group - this is a fun and informational group that helps couples learn to cherish, support, and nurture their different abilities. You'll learn how to co-manage time, how to be loved and appreciated, and how to share the powerful gifts you both bring to the relationship.

  • ADD Workshops:

    ADD & Time - learn the difference between how ADD and non-ADD people organize time

    ADD Adult Difficulties in the Workplace

    Coping with & Nurturing ADD Children


Powerful and empowering NLP methodology integrates the approaches of some of the world's most effective therapists. We've used this revolutionary understanding of how the mind works to bring rapid resolution of fears, phobias, compulsive cravings, past trauma, and internal conflict.

In addition to the full range of methods identified with NLP, we offer related treatment methods including EMDR, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, cognitive therapies, and visual imagery -for fast, long-lasting results.

NLP-based workshops are offered periodically, and NLP training's can be tailored to pre-existing groups upon request.

Donald and Susan Davis are both certified NLP trainers who have trained hundreds of other professionals and laypersons throughout the US and internationally.


This unique program is designed to meet the work-centered needs that so many of our clients have brought to therapy sessions through the years. Corporate executives, professionals, dual-career couples, entrepreneurial couples, people involved in running a family business, and others frequently find themselves with emotional, relationship, and systemic issues related to the workplace. When therapy seems too personally oriented and human resources or mediation teams too impersonal, ECI is a wonderful opportunity to find an advocate, trainer, and coach to:

  • Resolve conflict in the workplace

  • Communicate effectively

  • Facilitate productive systems changes

  • Make work a generative part of a balanced life

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